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  1. Meyer-Leber Family Bible.
  2. Letter to Ned Benson from Janie Luckinbill, 1 Oct 1996.
  3. Tombstone Inscriptions of Albert R. Leber/Amelia E. Leber.
  4. Obituary of Albert R. Leber.
  5. Obituary of Amelia Leber.
  6. Obituary of Elizabeth L. Meyer.
  7. Roemer-Leber Family Bible.
  8. Obituary of Otillia Leber (The Meramec Valley Transcript Pacific, Missouri).
  9. Newspaper Article.
  10. Tombstone Inscriptions of G.W. Leber.
  11. Obituary of George W. Leber.
  12. Information provided to Ned Benson by Shirley Leasch, ex-wife of Robert Dean Leasch, who lives in Andrew Leasch's home: 2501 South Third Street Burlington, IA 52601.
  13. Gertrude Price Katz (Mrs. Alexander), Some Descendants of Jacob Raum, b. 1726, and wife, Veronica Schlatter, b. 1737; both of Hallau, Switzerland (FHC Microfilm #0982434).
  14. Wilma McAllister, Family information from Wilma McAllister, 319-658-2038, widow of a Ray McAllister.
  15. Tombstone Inscriptions of Ernst R. Leber.
  16. Funeral Announcement of Ralph M. Spillman.
  17. Obituary for Bernice Perry.
  18. Tombstone Inscriptions of Howard Perry.
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